How children learn and develop


During the first five years of life, the brain develops faster than at any other time. This is why it’s important to make sure that all children are given enough opportunities to learn and develop in their first five years of life.

If children are given strong foundations in the early years, they are more likely to enjoy a path of lifelong learning. SmartStart offers children holistic development which includes emotional skills, social skills, cognitive skills, physical skills and language skills.

SmartStart ensures that children have the skills and behaviours they need for primary school, giving them a better chance of succeeding in school and later in life. When children play, they are able to build their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. We make sure they continue to learn through play, and stretch their learning at every opportunity.

The smartstart programme

Children build their knowledge  while they play. They learn through their own experience. SmartStart has developed a programme that optimises learning and stimulation through Play. Equipped with the SmartStart PlayKit, our SmartStarters facilitate holistic learning and stimulation for peak development.

The SmartStart Daily routine is an essential part of the programme, ensuring children get the required dosage of learning through play by ensuring that the have the five ingredients of active learning, that is:

  • Things to play with
  • Freedom to explore
  • Time to talk
  • Adult support, and;
  • Own choice of what/how to play.

When children have these tools, they are able to stretch their knowledge and learning.

The SmartStart Daily Routine


Children learn to recognise things through association, this is why we’ve developed our unique SmartStart Daily Routine which is consistent throughout all our SmartSpaces. The SmartStart Daily Routine has SmartStart Programme Cards which teach the children to recognise and associate symbols and words.  Children learn to recognise the different parts of the SmartStart Daily Routine by looking at these cards.

This association and recognition starts off the reading process, while also beginning to teach children valuable time management skills as they prioritising activities throughout the day.

The SmartStart child


To grow into efficient healthy adults, children need to learn a variety of different skills. At SmartStart we prioritise holistic development, which includes developing the emotional skills, social skills, cognitive skills, physical skills and language skills, to ensure children get the best start in life.

Through the SmartStart Programme, children are able to develop and nurture these important skills, stretching the learning process throughout the SmartStart Daily Routine and making sure an opportunity to learn is never wasted.

We work to make sure the the quality of the SmartStart Programme produces children who are able to do exceptionally well once school begins, and also yield results later in life. This is what being a SmartStart child is all about. 

What is a SmartStarter?


SmartStarters are women and men who are implementing the SmartStart programme in communities throughout the country.

Also known as franchisees, these women and men receive the SmartStart training and quality approval before starting their early learning micro enterprises in their communities.

SmartStarters  are giving children the power to succeed by providing access to affordable quality early learning.

Journey of a SmartStarter

In order to continue to give the children the power to succeed, we ensure that quality assurance takes place at various points by not only constantly updating our programme, but also ensuring that our SmartStarters maintain the SmartStart quality.

Becoming a successful SmartStarter takes a lot of determination. The SmartStarter journey is not stagnant, but is a journey of growth and elevation while maintaining quality in your early learning micro enterprise. Here’s a look at what the SmartStarter journey entails.

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