The Brightest Future Campaign

SmartStart has spent time and effort over the past three years to develop a one of a kind social franchise solution that can deliver quality early learning at scale, starting with the poorest communities in our country.

We are very excited to announce, the launch of a SmartStart “The Brightest Futures Campaigns”.

Through this campaign, we will showcase and highlight the benefit of early learning as well as the economic and social benefits of the SmartStart programme. We want to introduce ourselves to you and hope that you will welcome us on your screens, radios, roads and most importantly, your children’s lives as we work to make a positive impact in communities around the country.

The campaign September 2018 and run until June 2019 all around the country including regional launches in our newest provinces including Limpopo and Mpumalanga. To become and SmartStarter and facilitate your own early learning micro enterprise, or to enrol your child in a SmartStart playgroup please dial *134*48333#. Join the conversation and become a part of the SmartStart early learning social movement, as we make sure the brightest futures really do have a SmartStart.