Election manifestos include ECD pledges

The ANC launched its 2019 election manifesto in January. On ECD, the manifesto says:

‘We will:
• Extend the core responsibilities of the Department of Basic Education to include the provision and monitoring of ECD.
• Provide a comprehensive package of ECD services (birth registration, social assistance, parenting support and quality learning).
• Standardise guidelines, norms and standards for ECD and set the employment targets in the sector over the next five years.
• Develop a plan to take care of the first 1,000 days of human life, from pregnancy until two years of age, in which the pregnant mother will get good nutrition, be encouraged to stop smoking and drinking alcohol and undertake antenatal care visits from an early stage. The baby will have good nutrition, exclusive breast feeding, immunisation and growth monitoring.
• Work to achieve universal access to two years of ECD, which would two years of compulsory quality pre-school enrolment for 4 and 5 year olds before grade 1.
• Promote innovation on different models for delivering home and community-based ECD.’

The Democratic Alliance and Economic Freedom Fighters have also launched their manifestos, and both include pledges on ECD. The DA’s manifesto can be read here and the EFF’s manifesto can be read here.

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