We are delighted to publish our latest Annual Report, for 2019-20. The theme of the report is ‘The power of the network’.

Last year, this power was demonstrated to us more than ever before. Across our network, the wheels of supporting, sharing and learning never stopped turning. And these wheels were powered only in small part by us in the SmartStart Hub, and in very large part by ordinary practitioners and parents in their communities; and by our implementing partners and their teams of skilled and caring Coaches.

With that in mind, we decided that in this year’s Annual Report, we would like the story of SmartStart to be told by the people who are SmartStart. As you will see, the focus of the report is a series of personal stories. We have tried to edit these as little as possible so that you can hear the authentic voice of each story-teller.

We hope you enjoy reading the report.

2020 Annual Report

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