“I’d like to think of myself as a strict father, but I’ve also noticed that my daughters have a way of getting away with a lot,” admits Muzi Mthabela, a father of two gorgeous young girls he fondly refers to as Bubu (10) and Bobo (7). “As a father you need to make your children feel safe and protected, ensuring that they know that no matter what happens, you are there for them, and to assure them that whatever they want to achieve in life, is possible.”

Popularly known as Duma from Isibaya, Muzi says, “the role of a father is to instill teachings, making sure they are disciplined and responsible, equipped to be well functioning and independent adults”.

Parents are a child’s first teacher, and the basics of learning begin at home. It’s important for parents to get involved in their children’s education to ensure that what they are doing in school continues at home. “Every day my daughters and I spend time doing their homework together,” adds Muzi. “I want to be a positive influence in their lives and ensure that even though we do fun things like watching cartoons and baking, their education remains very important in my home.”

While his daughters are multi lingual, he maintains that it’s important that African children speak their home language as fluently as they speak English. “I want my children to learn that in life you reap what you sow, and in order to be successful you need to plant seeds that will ensure that you achieve your success. Our children mature very quickly, so it’s vital to start talking to them about important things and not just have fun conversations,” offers Muzi as his formula for raising little girls.

Your presence as a parent in a child’s life has more important than anything you can provide materialistically. Being able to teach them lessons is even better and has a lifelong impact. Active fathers, like Muzi, are impactful in their children’s lives, planting seeds for them becoming successful adults one day.

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