SmartStart Tools

Instruments of support

All accredited SmartStart Franchisees will have attended intensive on-boarding training, are provided with a basic SmartStart play kit and attend regular monthly peer training and reflection sessions.

To be a SmartStart Franchisee you have to maintain the programme quality standards, which are assessed by peers and regionally based club coaches. That said, the tools and approaches advocated by SmartStart are freely available and we encourage any practitioner – who would like to further enhance their own practice – to download and use these resources as additions to their existing programmes. Please note though that using this material DOES NOT make you a SmartStart Franchisee and you cannot make this claim without having attended training or been accredited.


Get involved! Find out how

To find out more about SmartStart and how you can get involved, contact Carol-Ann Foulis or Justine Jowell at

You can also contact us on 078 277 0851.