Why Social Franchising

A smart model

Social franchising is being used the world over as a game-changing strategy to deliver essential services across a range of sectors to communities. It's a useful mechanism for scaling up a structured programme, comprising standardised materials, training, support and monitoring. In other words, social franchising is a good model for SmartStart to use and here are a few reasons why:

  • It can deliver a learning programme at scale by organising small independent providers into larger units.
  • It can yield returns to scale in investment in physical capital, supply chains, advertising, and worker training and supervision.
  • It can ensure a consistent quality of learning through standardised processes and materials.
  • It unites all parties with a common, powerful vision.
  • It encourages an interchange of knowledge between members.
  • It facilitates standardised quality assurance systems.
A smart model

Get involved! Find out how

To find out more about SmartStart and how you can get involved, contact Carol-Ann Foulis or Justine Jowell at hello@smartstart.org.za.

You can also contact us on 078 277 0851.