Making an Impact

Touching young lives – near and wide

The SmartStart hub forms the engine of the social franchise framework and is responsible for generating low-cost standardised materials, effective recruitment and training, annual accreditation of practitioners and quality assurance. Working through a network of locally based Regional Franchisors (typically existing NGOs), the SmartStart social franchise will deliver a quality programme at scale.

Scientific recruitment and selection will help SmartStart find the right practitioners, while training empowers local franchisees to start and run exceptional programmes for young children. Franchisees will be supported by local clubs and coaches to drive quality across the country, reaching thousands of children, no matter how remote their location.

Our target for 2025 is to support quality early learning for 1 million children annually.

Get involved! Find out how

To find out more about SmartStart and how you can get involved, contact Carol-Ann Foulis or Justine Jowell at

You can also contact us on 078 277 0851.